Eniola Babatunde

Geospatial Data Scientist/ Developer

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Employment History

References available upon request

GIS Consultant

Mott MacDonald, UK | 2021 — Present

Accomplishments and Responsibilities

  • Providing geospatial support for the Leeds NFM Flood Mapping Project

Graduate GIS Consultant

AECOM, UK | 2019 - 2021

Accomplishments and Responsibilities

  • Successfully produced several maps with a standardized approach of professional map production using data driven pages, SQL queries and doughnut like maps to effectively visualize over 30 constraints on the maps produced
  • Mapping of potential corridor routes and environmental constraints to inform the routeing of onshore underground cables
  • Provided GIS support for a range of projects through ecological mapping, particularly, Phase 1 Habitat Survey mapping.
  • Successfully written python queries to automate processes such as bulk loading shapefiles to a geodatabase.

During my role at AECOM, as a result of my diverse skills, I have been able to take up contract and temporary roles within and outside the organisation

Spatial Data Scientist ( HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd) | Apr 2020 - Present

Currently working on the HS2 project with the data delivery/ecology North and Central team, In this role, I have provided solutions to showcase R can be a useful tool in the GIS and ecology team. I have produced and developed several R shiny apps, R markdowns, R queries (including spatial) and R leaflet for the team. Additionally, I managed a team of R developers, led and coordinated code version control on git and produced SQL queries to fetch data via an API.

GIS Consultant - Digital Delivery | Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

In this role, I promoted how GIS digital delivery can benefit the renewables energy industry in tracking and effectively visualizing offshore activities and in showcasing their work internally and externally. This involved creating geoprocessing toolboxes for automation, creating ArcGIS dashboards, storymaps.

GIS Analyst

Interspatial Technologies, Lagos, Nigeria| 2016 — 2017

I worked at Interspatial Technologies for 9months and undertook a was involved in a flood mapping project.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Preparing flood risk maps with LiDAR data using various GIS and modelling systems such as ArcPy, ESRI’s model builder, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS
  • Providing regular progress report and flooding information to supervisors and clients and ensuring end documents satisfy their requirements.
  • Preparing detailed modelling and mapping of river catchments, flood hazard and flood risk maps using various GIS and modelling systems including 3D LiDAR Dem visualisation, ArcGIS and ArcScene
  • Managing various spatial data and information systems in line with internal policies, procedures, and best practice and ensuring databases are up to date at all times

These accomplishments demonstrate my ability to structure and write complex reports and work efficiently to deadlines, both independently and as part of a larger team. My work on GIS for the company has demonstrated my ability to independently research and interpret and apply complex concepts.

Undergraduate Intern

Interspatial Technologies, Lagos, Nigeria | 2015

I worked at Interspatial Technologies, for 6 months and undertook a wide range of jobs and responsibilities within multiple departments of the firm including the survey and GIS department.

Accomplishments and Responsibilities:

  • Collection and mapping of field data with Trimble Juno using ArcPad
  • Undertaking perimeter survey of land parcels using DGPS in line with client requirements
  • Map digitization and creation of survey plans using ArcGIS and AutoCAD respectively
  • Ensuring proper conversion of CAD data to GIS formats to be overlain on orthophotos

Through this experience I developed abilities to efficiently and accurately learn and shoulder new roles in both an independent, and team-based capacity. It also provided invaluable experience of the structure and proceedings within a company and allowed me to advance my adaptability and interpersonal, creative, and problem-solving skills.


Geographical Information Science MSc, Merit (67%)

University of Edinburgh | 2017 — 2018

Modules studied: Spatial Modelling and Analysis, Technological Infrastructures for GIS, Principles and Practise of Remote sensing, Advanced Spatial Database Management, Object Oriented Programming, Environmental Modelling and Visual Analytics.

For my dissertation, I developed an interactive web map using Leaflet and other technological infrastructures for GIS to assess the usefulness of GIS as a tool in historical research.

Surveying and Geoinformatics BSc, 1st (4.60/5)

University of Lagos | 2011 — 2016

Modules studied include: Principle of GIS, Land Survey, Hydrography, Geodesy, Digital Mapping, Adjustment Computation, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

For my dissertation, I developed an android app to investigate using smart systems for commuting.

Skills & Proficiencies

IT and technical skills

  • Good knowledge and experience of the ArcGIS platform including the Spatial and 3D Analyst extensions and ModelBuilder. Experience with other traditional GIS platforms such as QGIS.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Google Maps API and the Leaflet and Mapbox JavaScript libraries for producing online maps.
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax,Java SDK and SQL.
  • Experience with the R Studio.

Research and written communication

I have conducted many research projects over the course of my degrees. These projects have included both group and individual work, the collection and analysis of both primary data and secondary data using a range of methodologies, and the critical synthesis of these data with relevant academic literature to present coherent and developed arguments.

Leadership and teamwork

I have achieved both worked across teams during my interships and in the academia carrying out several activities These activities enabled me to greatly develop my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills and continue to give me confidence to step into leadership roles.

Aptitude for learning new skills

I have been required to rapidly learn new skills to complete projects and assignments to schedule. As an example, during my Masters I undertook a project which involved web mapping using Leaflets and other GI technologies. This required learning and implementing several scripts using python, Ajax and jQuery. I successfully achieved this and received a 69% for the assignment.

Analytical skills

Throughout my master’s I have undertaken a wide range of projects which demonstrate my ability to handle complex analytical tasks. These projects have covered a variety of topics such as the multicriteria evaluation of variables to indentify environmentallly disadvatanged areas in Scotland, and the use of self organizing maps to analyze deprivation.


I undertook several programming modules during my undergraduate AND master’s degree which I greatly enjoyed. Bugs and errors within code are often difficult to notice and so locating and fixing such bugs has required me to develop a determined and methodical approach to problem-solving.

Scholarships and Awards

Head of School Scholarship (GeosSciences), University of Edinburgh, 2017

Fugro Nigeria Limited Scholarship, 2017

University of Lagos Endowment Scholarship, 2016