Eniola Babatunde

Geospatial Data Scientist/Developer

My Projects

Mapping Geospatial Data in R: Using R shiny and Leaflet R to showcase GIS capabilties in R

Leveraging on my R skills, I designed a mini web gis using R shiny, to highlight the geovisualisation capabilities of R. This app shows Listed Buildings in the Northern part of England and their Grades.

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Geovisualisation for historical research using Leaflet and other web-GIS tools

In this project I designed an interface which would show how web-GIS and its capabilities can be a powerful tool in handling quantitative and qualitative sources in historical research and how this in turn can enrich their discipline.

A web map was developed for a study area, Islay- rich in history and culture. For this project I developed a database model and implemented it in an Oracle database. The webmap was created as such that changing the data inside the database would change the content of the map. Leaflet, the JavaScript mapping library was used.

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Implementation of an online vampire game using Oracle Spatial

This fun vampire game was created within 4 weeks for a spatial database course as a group. The primary objective of this project was to implement a database in Oracle Spatial to store spatial data, and execute spatial queries and computations. This was achieved by building a game platform. This project contains a number of spatial operations and data structures, allowing us to improve our knowledge of Oracle Spatial, while creating something fun and interactive.

My responsibility within the group: I designed the website and it's styling as well as the database design.

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Storymap : Telling a story about the global hunger crisis with maps and visual elements

For this project, I created a story map which gives a narrative about the hunger crisis at global level and then focuses on the major areas affected. It summarizes the facts, causes, and issues related to hunger into four sections for easy read of the audience.

Various factors were taken into consideration in the design of the story, typography, colour schemes as well as type of map whether static or dynamic.

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Identifying Suitable Sites for Single Medium-Scale Wind Turbines around Kindrogan using GIS and Field Techniques

This was a group project during a fieldtrip to Kindrogan (Scotland) where we identifying suitable sites for medium-scale single wind turbines (100 - 500 kW; Hau, 2013), east of the Kindrogan Field Centre, Blairgowrie .

To assess the visual impact of wind turbines in the landscape, I was involved in the creation of photomontages photomontages were created using photographs from the field and the creation of viewsheds. Viewshed analyses were run to establish the visibility of the wind turbine at proposed hub heights (i.e. blade axis) and tip heights (i.e. maximum height) using a 5m DTM at heights 30m and 50m allowing identification of visible and non-visible areas.

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SVG Webmap using the Oracle Database

I was tasked with extracting spatial and non-spatial data from an Oracle database in order to display it on the web using CGI protocol. The map data is retrieved by a python script which accesses the Oracle database and queries it with SQL queries. The python script displays the data on a web server (the webmap is created on-the-fly).

A SVG map of archaeological finds and the fields where they were discovered was created. The webmap is interactive (hovering, clicking and display/hide layers) which is programmed in JavaScript.I wrote the main code in Python and used the cx_Oracle module in order to connect to the database. The SQL queries embedded in the Python script were in charge of retrieving the data.

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Field Data Capture and GPS Survey

I have carried out several GIS data capture projects. One of which involved using the Trimble Juno for field data acquisition, to enable field validation and ground enumeration. The collected data was updated (joined) to an existing ArcMap file based on corresponding unique IDs via loaded ArcPad Manager tool.

Furthermore, the use of the differential GPS in a perimeter survey project.The data was retrieved for processing using the Leica Geo-office and processed with Microsoft excel and AutoCAD for survey plan creation.

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