Eniola Babatunde

Geospatial Data Scientist/Developer

Skills Demonstrated

  • Self directed learning and JavaScript proficiency
  • SQL
  • Geovisualization
  • Databases

Geovisualisation for historical research using Leaflet and other web-GIS tools

In this project I designed an interface which would show how web-GIS and its capabilities can be a powerful tool in handling quantitative and qualitative sources in historical research and how this in turn can enrich their discipline.

A web map was developed for a study area, Islay- rich in history and culture. An analysis of user requirements historical researchers and casual map users was examined and this allowed the creation of a customized set of information and functionality. The web map, based on the JavaScript client Leaflet provided an excellent basis for the implementation of standardized data formats from disparate sources and a flexible way to implement the functionality based on user requirements needed to create the web map. Special focus has been put on visualization capabilities of GIS.

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System diagram of the interaction of the various technologies involved in the map application

Database design (E-R Model)